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Buying a home is an emotion and we will be there by your side making it easy for you. Our team of financial experts works to make the home buying process a happy and cherishing memory for the customers. We are there to help you and guide you at each step and ensure that you get the best mortgage interest rates when buying a mortgage loan with us.

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We understand that home buying is a huge decision and lack of finances can make one overwhelmed. With companies providing mortgage at high interest rates, people tend to get stressed. Do not worry as we, Money Magnet Loans excel at finding the best Canadian mortgage rates for you. We offer personalized services and mortgage loans with flexible terms. So, wait no further and take a step towards your dream by contacting us. We are always there to assist you round the clock.

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FAQ(Frequently Asked Questions)

A mortgage loan is a type of loan specifically used to finance the purchase of a home or real estate. It is secured by the property itself, which serves as collateral for the loan.

What is a mortgage Loan?
A loan that is specifically given to finance a real estate property or home is termed as a mortgage loan. The home that is bought serves as a collateral for the loan.
How does a mortgage loan work?
Once your mortgage loan is approved, you receive the loan amount in your account. You need to pay monthly installments including both principal and interest rate till the time the loan is paid off.
How do I qualify for mortgage loan?
There are specific requirements that you need to fulfill to qualify for the mortgage loan. These are: • Good credit history • Stable income • Debt to income ratio • Down payment amount • employment history
Fixed rate and adjustable mortgage rate - what is the difference?
If you take a fixed rate mortgage, you will have to pay a constant interest rate throughout the loan term. It is good for those who have a fixed income as they are able to plan their finances better. On the contrary, adjustable rate mortgage is based on market conditions. It generally has a low interest rate in the beginning which most probably hikes up periodically as per the market condition. So, you might be happy to pay lower interest rates initially but there is a high possibility that interest rate will increase in the future.